Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is this application good for?

The primary use of this great application is to allow you to send and receive voice messages to and from your friends.

How Can I hear a message?

Simply go to your received messages page.
In this page, you will see a table containing all your received messages, who are they from and when were they sent.
You can select to hear a message by pressing the "play" button next to it. You can also hear messages recorded by you or pre-recorded messages the same way.

How Can I send a message?

Go to your recorded messages page. In this page you will see two tables. The first has all the detail about the messages you recorded (the message name and the time of recording). The page may NOT show this table, if you have no recorded messages saved. The second table holds the detail of "pre-recorded messages" that were recorded by us. you can use them freely. When you select a message (by clicking on it) an options dialog box will appear. Choose the "Send" option. You will be asked to choose who you want to send the message to. You can send a message to up to ten friends at a time. Once you choose the recipients, the message will be sent, and a success message will appear on the screen.
Recipients that have already added VoiceMessenger will receive a notification that they have a new message. They will also receive an E-mail (if they choose to, when they add VoiceMessenger). On their profile they (and everybody else) will be able to see that they have a new message.
If you chose to send the message to friends that have not added VoiceMessenger, you will be asked to send them an invitation. Please confirm the invitation sending, otherwise they will have no indication that a message is waiting for them.
A news-feed may be published on your/their profiles about the message sending (you can hide it if you choose).

How can I record a message of my own?

You can record your own messages and send them or just save them.
It is done by picking the "Click here to record a new message!" option on your recorded messages page. You will be asked to name your message, and press the "Ok" button.
Once you did that, VoiceMessenger will connect to the our server. Click the "Record" button. the following box will appear:


Click the "close" option.
The next box will appear, where VoiceMessanger will ask your permission to use your microphone:


Click the "Allow" button. Note - when you press it the recording starts.
When you are done, push the "Stop" button.
If you click the "Record" button again, you can re-record you message. If you click the "Done" option, the message will by saved. If you chose to keep the new message the sending process will start.
Note - message length is limited to 1 minuet.

Can I send a message to more then one friend?

of course! Once you choose the message you want to send (or recorded a new one) the sending process will begin by asking you to choose whom you want to send the message to. You can choose 1-19 friends to send the message to.

Can I save the recorded message without sending it?

Yes, yes, yes! Once you choose the message you want to send (or recorded a new one) the sending process will begin by asking you to choose whom you want to send the message to. If you choose the "Cancel" option your message will be saved but will not be sent (it will appear on your "recorded messages table" on your recorded messages page.
Note - you can keep up to 10 recorded messages.

How can I get rid of messages I don't want?

You can delete any of your messages by choosing the "delete" option beside them. You cannot, however, delete a pre-recorded message.

How will I know if something went wrong in the sending process?

You will see an error message telling you exactly what went wrong. For example, if sending of a message failed, we will let you know exactly which of your friends did not get the message.
If an error happens repeatedly, please let us know!

How will I know I have a new message?

There are several ways:
First, You will see on the application main page how many new messages you have.
The second way to see the same information is in your profile, on this application's box. Another way is to go to your your received messages page. You will see that all the messages you haven't read yet are colored in blue.

What about time settings?

By default, the messages timing data is set to GMT. You can change it so that the time presented will be your timezone by clicking the "Click here to change time settings" at the bottom of your received messages page or your recorded messages page.

What information is shown on my profile?

On the VoiceMessenger's box on your profile you (and everybody else) will be able to see how many new messages you have, and how many messages you have sent so far. No other information will appear there. Only you will have access to your messages from the profile box.

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