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Framework, languages and details…

Web Server
We use an Apache web server, running on a Windows NT server.
We use facebooks FBML and of course HTML created by both PHP and Java script.

FaceBook doesn't save any data for the applications, so we must run our own Database of the recorded files. To Create and manage our files DataBase we are using MySQL.
The access to it (to get data or add new one) is done using php. However, since php can only be used on the server side, and we want to allow the client side to handle the voice recording, we are using Flash technology in order to handle the voice recording.

Recording is done using a flash movie written in ActionScript 3.0 (Flash player 9 is required).
The recorder Flash applet connects to a flash media server located on our server (Red5 open source FMS, can be found here) .
A Java servlet is running on the FMS (Flash Media Server) controlling connection authority.
Once connected the rocording is done through streaming to the FMS.
The player flash movie uses the same logic to stream sound from the server.

All the source code can be found here

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