When user’s input contains a spelling error, user is alerted and search is done using the correct spelling.
For instance, a search for 'Breatny Spirs' will output:
Your exact search was not found, Showing results for Britney Spears

In order to match the user's input to a specific actor in the DB, regardless of spelling errors we use both Google's search suggestions ('Did you mean?') and IMDB / DBLP search.

In IMDB implementation we use IMDB's search suggestions (Popular Names / Approx Matches)
which are parsed using regular expressions.

In DBLP Implementation, DBLP's API is used.
DBLP's Returned Data is in XML format and is parsed using PHP's Simple XML toolset.

The following schema shows the order we address each of these sites in IMDB implementation:

Example - when a user types 'Edoward Norton' instead of 'Edward Norton':

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