Graph Visualization Link Data

Link Strength Display

GUI client can display the strength of each link in two visual ways:
By setting link width and color by strength (i.e wider and darker links to represent stronger connections),
By presenting the link strength as a number on each link.

Link Detailed Information

By pointing on a specific link in the graph a tool-tip appears with detailed information regarding that link.

in DBLP Implementation - the data for each link between two authors is a list of the papers coauthored by these authors.

in IMDB Implementation - the data for each link between two actors holds a list of movies where both actors participated.
In addition, for each TV Show where both actors appeared in, the total number of episodes starring both actors is listed.


On-The-Fly Info

Link Detailed Information is generated on-the-fly, upon users request to view that data.

The common projects list (Movies in IMDB, Papers in DBLP) is created in runtime on the server
by retrieving and analyzing the relevant data from the DB.

This information is passed to the Client as an XML file.

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