Graph Visualization PHP Implementation

PHP Interface

Both IMDB and DBLP environments implement a common Interface,
which includes 3 services and defines their output format.
Inner implementation varies between environments.

Any future environment which will implement this interface can be easily included into the UI.

PHP Services

Interface includes 3 PHP services that should be exported:

  • getName.php - gets a graph element name (i.e Actor / Author name) and returns its database ID. This service is also responsible for correcting any misspellings in the given input, without any additional user input.
  • getXML.php - gets a graph element ID as input and returns full data regarding that element; including its name, list of all related elemnts (i.e related Actors / Coauthors) and a URL of a relevant image.
  • getCommon.php - gets two elements IDs, and return a list of their common projects (Movies / Papers).

Output Format

All data passed from server to client is in XML format.
Inner structure of XML files is common for all implementation:

PHP Implementation

IMDB implementation
Source Code (.zip) | Documentation.

DBLP implementation
Source Code (.zip) | Documentation.

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