Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Q: What's the meaning of the red sign on the corner of some days?
A:This symbols one of your personal events.

Q: Can I add my own event without setting the date in the form?
A: Yes you can, just double click any day of the currently displayed calendar.

Q: Is it possible to remove events?
A: Depends on what kind. You can remove one of your personal events by clicking [x] on the event list tab, but you cannot remove an integrated holiday or an Israeli civil event.

Q: I've made a mistake while inserting a personal event, must I remove it and start over again?
A: No, switch to the list event tab, click the event you would like to edit and correct your mistake. It's as simple as that.

Q: Can I insert a personal event based on the Jewish calendar?
A: Ofcourse you can, double click any day you like, and use the radio button to switch to the Hebrew dated form before submitting your new event.

Q: Why does the calendar remind me (by the bottom silent alerts) of a previous month event?
A: The silent alert feature, shows all currently displayed personal events. If an event occurs at the end of the previous month (and displayed on the calendar), it is automatically shown by the silent alert mechanism.

Q: The calendar looks great, but it seems like it's reversed, can I change its text direction?
A: Yes, enter 'Edit Settings' menu using iGoogle top button and pick your preferred text direction.

Q: The bottom reminders annoy me, how can I rid of them?
A: Enter 'Edit Settings' menu using iGoogle top button and select 'Don't Show' option under 'Silent Alerts' title.

Q: The calendar sometimes navigates between months and years without me pressing the upper arrow buttons, WHY?
A: You most likely pressed one of the grayed colored days. By clicking previous month days, you can jump to the previous month and in the same way navigate to the next month.

Q: I don't like blue, can I change the color scheme?
A: No, but perhaps sometime in the future, we'll make it an option..

Q: What's the meaning of the number 45 at the bottom of the event list tab?
A: You can provide a maximum of 45 personal events. You can always update with current capacity status.

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