iGoogle Hebrew Calendar Gadget's History

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Version Summary

Version #8

  • Added shabbath times display (displays knissat & yetziaat shabbath times)

Version #7

  • Code is now fully documented and provisionally released.

Version #6

  • Personal events are now fully supported
  • New GUI interface

Version #5

  • Support for Hebrew dated events in now available.
  • Enhanced support for 42 (!) personal events
  • Linkage to TAU Tab iGoogle Gadget
  • Silent alert for events is now available (mini messages)
  • User event editing

Version #4

  • Personal events can now be added
  • For you bug seekers - selecting a non valid date is no longer an option
  • Choose your own direction Left to Right or Right to Left.
  • Easily move between months by pressing the previous or next month that appear in gray.
  • Historical events are now visible from the date the occurred.

Version #3

  • Jewish holidays database inserted.
  • Floating tool tip to display the current day's events.

Version #2

  • Hebrew dates are now displayable.
  • Hebrew months are also displayed in the headline.

Version #1

  • Gregorian calendar is now ready for use!

Full documentation of all recent versions

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