iCoupon Server Side
  • Our application design is Object Oriented and is mainly implemented in PHP script.
  • Our design is based on three main classes:
    • User - Represents an application user.
    • Coupon - Represents a coupon.
    • Pending Trade - Represents a trade offer waiting for a reply.
  • Each class communicates with the database and with each other to preform all the necessary activities the application demands.
  • We also implemented a class extending the PHP Exception class in order to handle connection errors.
  • We maintain two logs:
    • activity log - logs all actions performed by the users.
    • error log - logs all errors that occur.
  • Our application pages include PHP scripts in order for them to be dynamic. We also use functions from the Facebook API in order to fully integrate our application with the user's Facebook society - sending notifications to other users, publishing stories on user's news feeds and profile page, sending emails to application users and allowing users to add an application box to their profile. You can read more about using Facebook's API and other application developing tools here.

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