Israel Railways Gadget Failures

What have we tried and failed?

Creating the connection with the railway web-service was not an easy work. The main reason for that is that the railway web-service is still not ready, and have some problems.

In the beginning of our work, we tried to use an automatic tool for generating java class from the service WSDL file. This tool was a plugin of tomcat, the web-applications container. The tool's name is WSDL2JAVA. It gets a WSDL specification, and suppose to create java class that represents the web-service according to the WSDL. However, the generated code was damaged. We coudln't create a connection with the web-service using that code.

In order to check the problem we tried to query the web-service using a SOAP message that we created by ourselves. While doing that, we used a sniffer, that showed us that a connection can be created. Our conclusion was that the web-service specification (WSDL) was wrong, and caused the automatic tool to fail.

Afterwards, we changed the WSDL by ourselves and used a better automatic tool (part of NETbeans developer environment) that enabled us to debug the process of code generation. While debugging, we could change the WSDL to be correct, and use it for generating useful class.

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