Israel Railways Gadget News


  • The Israel Railways Gadget is now ready! Now we wait for the approval of Israel Railways and in shortly it will be available to the users in iGoogle's page.
  • We have just finished implementing the basic functionallity. Now we are going further! We will add a Prices tab and implement RSS Feeds.
  • We have hosted our proxy servlet on an apache tomcat at a server with a higher upload rate and now we are receiving the responses from the proxy in no more than 5 seconds and it is pretty nice.
  • We have finished implementing the proxy server and now we can connect the web services from our servlet. However, we have problems with the upload speed of the proxy. Unfortunately, we found this speed to be too slow (we have to upload 200KB with a upload rate of 12KB/s and it takes a lot of time and any user will be frustrated and will not use the gadget as is :( ). We are a now looking for a new server to host our proxy on.
  • We contacted Israel Railways and had a meeting with instant marketing manager and with the computarization (michshuv) manager. They seemed to be satisfied with the idea and they have to give us an answer. They will give us data about the trains schedule and more data that is not yet available at Israel Railway's website site.
  • Israel Railways will co-operate with us. Nowadays, they are finishing debugging a new web service, which gives the client information about a specific trip and they will allow us to connect to it.

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