Israel Railways Gadget Proxy

What can be done with the proxy? and- which sevices are we recieving from Israel railway?

The proxy gets HTTP GET requests and delivers them to the web-service. The responses are XML files. Therefore, queries to the proxy can be done from a browser.

Israeli railway provides two services, that can be consumed by the proxy-

1) GetStations- a service that gets no parameters, and returns a SOAP message contains an XML file with a list of all the railway stations in Israel, and details about the station- name, parking information, handicap accessibility.

1) GetLuz- a service that gets the following parameters- origin, destination, date and hour, and returns a SOAP message contains an XML file with the list of all railways from the origin station to destination in the specified date and time. the list is of 24 hours forward from the given date and hour.

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