Israel Railways Gadget: Search Tab

Search Tab Details (and howto)


The search tab contains a form which is used to get the trip request parameters from the user and it contains the following:

  • Origin Station: The user can set anyone of the railway stations in all Israel, from Dimona to Naharia.
  • Destination Station: As for the origin station, but for the destination one. The user cannot set the same origin and destination. If the user selects the same, the previous selected station is selected automatically and a proper message is displayed to the user.
  • Date: A read-only input in which appears the date of the trip the user want to search. The user can set the date by opening the date picker.
  • Date Picker: Shows a calendar, while the visible month is the month of the date written in the Date Input. The user cannot select in the date picker dates that are before the current day and that are more than over a year from the current day. Nevertheless, it can see any month he wants, and also use it as his default calendar.
  • Hour: The user can select any round hour of the day or the whole day. If the first is selected, the user will receive information about trips that their departure time is around the selected hour. If he selects the second one, he will receive all the trips for the requested date.

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