Israel Railways Gadget Startup

User Prefs

Gadget users can set 3 different parameters to be used by the gadget as user defaults:

  • Origin Station: The origin station that will appear to the user each time he will load the gadget.
  • Destination Station: The same but for the destination station.
  • Passanger Type: The passanger type that will appear by default to the user when he wants to know the tariffs for some trip.

Note: All these parameters can be changed at runtime easily.

Gadget Startup:

As the gadget is loaded, the following is done behind the scene:

  • The gadget reads it's configuration from the Options.xml file.
  • It charges all the information about pictures, urls and station names.
  • It requests from the proxy the Stations list, and it charges all the stations to the origin and destination lists (while it updates the station names which id's were in Options.xml)
  • Finally, it fetches the RSS Feed.

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