Israel Railways Gadget Stations Tab

The Stations Tab


By clicking on a specific trip at the Trips Tab the user gets the stations tab and here he can see the all the Stop Stations of the selected trip.

For each station the user can read the following information:

  • The station name
  • The arrival time to the station (note that a train first reaches the station and then leaves it)
  • The departure time from the station.
  • The platform in which the train stops.
  • Whether the station has parking and whether it is free or with payment.
  • Whether the station has handicap accesibility.
  • Finally, if the station is an interchange station it is highlighted, helping the user to find relevant information.

From this tab you can also reach the Rates Tab.
By clicking in the "search reverse trip" link, in adittion to the swaped stations in the search tab, the hour in the form is set to the arrival hour of the selected trip.

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