Israel Railways Gadget Trips Tab

The Trips Tab


When making a search request the user is automatically taken to the Trips Tab (he can reach it also by clicking the respective tab when he has already done one search).

  • First of all, the user sees a waiting bar while the gadget waits for the response to reach from the proxy (and thus, from the Web Service).
  • When the response reaches the gadget parses the (big) xml that details the request details.

For details on how the fetch is done go to the Fetching the response xml page.

Once the response is fetched the trips tab shows the following:

  • If the user asked a specify hour the user will see at most 7 trips which consist on:
    • At most two trips before the requested hour.
    • At most 5 trips after the requested hour.
    • Also, the gadget recommends the user a trip if there is one between 15 minutes before the requested hour and an hour after the requested hour.
  • If the user asked the whole day, all the trips in that day will be shown to the user.

The information that is shown about each trip in this tab consists on:

  • The departure hour of the trip
  • The arrival hour of the trip
  • The interchange stations of the trip (if none is displayed the trip is direct)
  • The platform from which the trip departures at the origin station.


  • By clicking a specific trip the user gets in the Stations Tab the stop stations in the trip.
  • By clicking tariffs the Rates Tab is displayed with the trips' tariffs.
  • By clicking the "search the reverse trip" the user reaches the Search Tab while the origin and destination stations are swaped.

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