Israel Railways Gadget Versions

Version Recap

Version 4.0:

Fixed Bugs and New Features:

  • Bug #7 (Critical): Make the proxy to connect through SOAP protocol.
  • Bug #67 (Critical): Make the proxy stable and reliable.
  • Bug #75 (Critical): When making a new search clear the Stations tab and the Prices if they exist.
  • Bug #11 (Major): Implement RSS Feeds As Mini Messages and add a new section for "News".
  • Bug #65 (Major): When clicking "Find reverse trip" now we chop the hour, think how to cope with cases like 23:00.
  • Bug #70 (Major): Develop an algorithm to show the best journey to recommend to the user
  • Bug #72 (Major): Prepare the Options.xml
  • Bug #77 (Major): Fix the width of the Date Picker in Firefox (The scroll bar appears if we click the Date Picker icon) and in IE (it is too small).
  • Bug #69 (Minor): Try to put a picture as the link to the date picker
  • Bug #12 (Minor): At start-up do not display the trips, stations (and prices) tabs until a query is done.
  • Bug #73 (Minor): Add to the "Trains for the next day" the date of the next date.
  • Bug #78 (Minor): The order of the tabs should be: Search, Trips, Stations, Prices (in this order, omitting those that does not exist).

Version 3.0:

Fixed Bugs and New Features:

  • Bug #25 (Critical): _IG_FetchXMmlContetn does not work on request that their response is too long (Rishon - Haifa or Biniamina- Beer Sheva north for example)
  • Bug #30 (Critical): When doing a search and when doing another one immediately after receiving the results of the first, the results of the second one are not showed at all (a callback from the second request of the first search had fetched and changed the boolean to false)
  • Bug #4 (Critical): Read the station from GetStations Web Service at gadget start-up.
  • Bug #37 (Critical): When searching for journals in the 31/01/08 at 13:00 we get the trains for the next day before the separate line and the train for the 31 after the separate line. The problem was that the months start from 0 and not from 1.
  • Bug #38 (Critical): When making a search on Friday afternoon and we get the stations from Saturday evening only we don't show "Trains for the next day"
  • Bug #43 (Critical): There are still journals included in other journals after filterArrays (they are unnecessary)
  • Bug #58 (Critical): Search from Haifa Mercaz to Natbag in middle of the week. There is a combination that starts the next day of the request and finnish in the day of the request. Our patch: if the date of arrival preceeds the date of departure, promote the arrival date by one day.
  • Bug #2 (Major): Parse the prices from the XML and add the Prices tab and links to it
  • Bug #21 (Major): Develop an agorithm to show the shortest journal that reaches at the same time.
  • Bug #23 (Major): When making a new search, the gadget have to clean the previous one (when clicking on search button), instead show a gif of a progress bar
  • Bug #27 (Major): Validate that the date is not before today and not after one year
  • Bug #29 (Major): Bound the fetch timeout machanism to 20 seconds (approx.)
  • Bug #31 (Major): When selecting input on search tab and changing the tab not by searching the options are not remembered
  • Bug #32 (Major): When asking for stations and then doing a new search in the stations tab we are watching the stations of the previous search with the title of the current one
  • Bug #33 (Major): Display something while doing a request.
  • Bug #34 (Major): When no search was done and clicking in the "trips" tab the progress bar is shown anyway
  • Bug #36 (Major): Add to UserPrefs the passanger type and make it default (selected at start) in the prices tab
  • Bug #44 (Major): Add an explanation about highlighted statations.
  • Bug #47 (Major): Validate that the source and the destination are not the same
  • Bug #50 (Major): Show trains from 1 hours before the selected hour until 6 hours after the hour selected. If the selected hour is 12 AM show from 12 AM only and display in the journals tab "The system does not show journals of the previous day of the selected day". Highlight the first train after the selected hour. Add to UserPrefs "Hours before" "Hours After".
  • Bug #53 (Major): Add a link to the rates from the stations tab.
  • Bug #59 (Major): Display handicap and parking images (at beginning do it hardcoded).
  • Bug #61 (Major): Display journals until 5 hours after the requested hour.
  • Bug #40 (Minor): Make the Date input text read only.
  • Bug #35 (Minor): Read from GetStations data such as handicap and parking and add it to the stations tab as a new column
  • Bug #54 (Minor): Add a "Reverse Trip" link in the stations tab that shows in the search tab the hour of the arrival of that trip, only if the selected trip is in the same day that the requested date, if it is the next day, show the same hour of the initial search.

Version 2.0:

Fixed Bugs and New Features:

  • Bug #5 (Critical): Now the Gadget connects the Web Service GetLuz through a servlet proxy, which makes an HTTP POST request.
  • Bug #6 (Critical): The time of the departure and arrivals was shown :2:58 (because call to toLocaleString() - change to subString) in some computers.
  • Bug #14 (Critical): Display the stations as a table.
  • Bug #15 (Critical): The stations tab does not display the origin station and the destination one.
  • Bug #1 (Major): Change the background image - make it background only to the main (search tab)
  • Bug #13 (Major): Changed the style of the tables (including fonts, colors, rows background).
  • Bug #19 (Major): In the stationst tab, display the background of a change station with a different color.
  • Bug #60 (Major): Show in journals tab the hour in the title.
  • Bug #3 (Minor): Add a "Find Reverse Trip" link to the main and trips tabs
  • Bug #18 (Minor): When the mouse is over a specific row in the trips table, let the cursor have an icon of a hand and paint the background.
  • Bug #20 (Minor): Make the "Trains for the next day" as a title and separate the tables.
  • Bug #26 (Minor): When passing over the "stations" link show "For details press here".

Version 1.0 - First Launch:

This version includes:

  • The search tab with the origin, destination, date and hour to select.
  • The Background to all the tabs was a train of Israel Railways picture.
  • The Date Picker was implemented in this version.
  • The Trips Tab with the departure, arrival, type and interchange for each trip.
  • We showed static xml's.

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