Graph Visualization

Project Goal

Analyze the relations between elements of a relatively large network, and display those relations using an online dynamic interface.

Currently two data sources are supported:
Filmography Information from the Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB);
Holding data of over 1.5 million actors and 1.3 million movies.

CS Bibliography Information from The DBLP Computer Science Bibliography (DBLP).
Listing over 220 (= 1,048,576) CS publications.

Web interface is data-independent, and can be set to support any future source of data.


  • Automatic Images - Each graph element is represented by a unique image; images are assigned dynamically.

Launch Application



Server Side is implemented in PHP and MySQL.
Data was preprocessed using both Perl and C#.

Client Side Interface is implemented in Adobe Flex (flash).
GUI is based on the open source library SpringGraph
which had been modified in order to fit project's needs.

Data is passed from server to client using XML files with predifined sturcture.

Cool Links

The Oracle of Bacon - Six Degrees of Separation using IMDB data.
more info - Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon page in Wikipedia.

Common Movies (IMDB) - Find all movies common to a group of actors.

TheyRule - Shows links between members of directories of top companies in the US.

DBLPvis - Shows links between CS papers writers using DBLP data.

Group Members

  • Michal Vadai
  • Sivan Krigsman
  • Noam Schachter
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