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If stores would be able to identify their customers, they would be able to increase their profit by giving special discounts to specific customers for certain products - customers they know would not purchase the product at its original price. The problem is, most stores can't tell who is willing to pay the full price and who needs a push in the right direction.
In addition, consumers aren't interested in receiving advertisements for products they don't care for, i.e. spam.

iCouopn serves as a medium between stores and their customers, serving both groups.

iCoupon allows a customer to receive discounts for online retail stores according to his/her details (age, sex, location) and preferences.
These details allow stores to identify their customers and offer them the discounts they want.

As a Facebook application, iCoupon also serves as a platform for stores to enter the world of social networking. With iCoupon, a user may trade coupons with friends or just give them away, increasing the stores exposure and giving them the most effective advertisement - word to mouth.


  • The iCoupon application allows the user to receive coupons in categories of his/her choice.
  • A user can get all the necessary information about the product:
    • Description of the product.
    • A picture of the product
    • The name of the store selling the product.
    • A link to the store's web site.
    • The original price of the product.
    • The discounted price of the product.
    • The amount of days left before the coupon expires.
    • Where the coupon came from - iCoupon or a friend.
  • A user may use his/her coupons in the following manner:
    • Once clicking "Buy" on a coupon, an email is sent to the user with all the necessary details in order to complete the purchase, including the store URL and the code needed to receive the discount.
    • The actual purchase will take place at the web site of the store providing the coupon.
    • After clicking "Buy" and receiving the code, the coupon is no longer usable and can not be passed or traded.
    • Other users that had pending trades involving the used coupon, will be notified that the trade offer is removed.
  • A user may pass his/her coupons to any friend - including friends who are not iCoupon users. They can then use it as if they got the coupon from the application.
    • The coupon will not be duplicated, meaning that the original owner will no longer be able to use the passed coupon.
  • A user may offer his/her friends to trade a coupons with any of their coupons.
    • Multiple trade offers can exist for a single coupon.
    • Once a user agrees to a trade offer, the coupons are exchanged between the users, and all other users that had pending trade offers involving the coupons which were involved in the trade are notified that their offer is removed.
  • A user may delete a coupon from his inbox, which will result in returning the coupon back to the iCoupon database, after which it may be distributed back to a user who matches the coupon's profile at a later time.
  • A user will receive messages from iCoupon informing him/her about activities that have happened with trade offers involving his/her coupons.


The iCoupon application structure is as follows:


Server Side

Client Side

All source code can be downloaded here.


iCoupon home page

The application homepage displays all the user's coupons and possible actions, for example:

  • Use a coupon
  • Pass a coupon to a friend
  • Request to trade a coupon
  • Display more information about a coupon

To see more screenshots, click here.

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