Network traffic visualization


Pniffer is a network traffic visualization tool. If connected to a network of servers it monitors their performance. Otherwise, if connected to network of clients it shows distribution of traffic to external servers (e.g. the Internet).


  • Sniffer

JNetPCapLib links between PCap and Java (cross-platform: yeay for Java!)
Connections: add connection on SYN, delete on FIN or timeout
Servers: store the information for 5 most popular servers for the last 60 seconds
4 threads, Packet Listener, Connections Manager, Servers Manager, Display

  • Server

Java 1.6 httpserver package
Binds to all interfaces
Dynamic, Static handlers
Client polls server for data 1/sec

  • Visualization

WebFX JS Library - open source

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User's Manual

1. To start Pniffer run the attached jar ServerSniffer.jar with the parameter "list" to find your network interfaces.
2. Run Pniffer with the desired interface as a parameter.
See ReadMe for more details.

Overall Network Tracking (default)

  • Displays up to 15 servers, sorted by bandwidth.

Per Server Tracking

  • Allows the user to specify a single server to display.


  • Raw TCP: shows all TCP traffic including SYN, ACK, retransmitions.
  • TCP Traffic: shows TCP stream - data only, no connection management packets.
  • HTTP Traffic: shows HTTP traffic (Browser generated traffic).
  • TCP Connections: shows the number of TCP connections.
  • HTTP Connections: shows the number of HTTP connections.

Virtual Appliance

Don't want to install our files on your server - that's OK you don't have to!

Our application image
Open the image and configure the network settings for the image.
Run the Pniffer and enjoy!
See ReadMe for help.

  • VMware: Trial downloads available here.

Our application image
Open the file "Other Linux 2.6.x kernel.vmx" and configure the network settings.
Run the Pniffer and enjoy!
See ReadMe for help.


Group Members

  • Ariel Ginis
  • Polina Belenki
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