TAU Tab for iGoogle

Our Motivation

The problem we are looking to solve is that TAU students (especially CS students) don't have one page that organizes the information they need for their courses.
Our goal is to build an iGoogle based homepage that will have this information. all the student will need to do is to write his courses in the beginning and all his schedule will be updated.

The Basic Idea

Our idea is to build an Igoogle Tab containing several gadgets that communicate with each other. The users will insert the course number in one of the gadgets window. After this happens our page will get the needed information from the TAU servers and will update all the other gadgets (using pub sub technology) in the tab, for ex: Weekly schedule, web Pages and Calender (exam dates).
It will help students build their schedule , follow their course changes, have a quick way to find the links to their courses, and send each other their saved information.


More Details

You can click on each of the links to get more specific information about each gadget:

The yedion Gadget

The "HourTable" Gadget

The "WebPages" gadget

For a step by step user guide click here

Want to learn about the development process??

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Developing Problems

Group Members

  • Nir Benzon
  • Lior Seeman
  • Dor Zaidenberg


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