Voice Message For Facebook Application

Some words on what we are doing here

FaceBook is a relatively new fashion in Israel, yet almost all of us have been exposed to it. There are countless applications that allow a user to communicate with his or her friends in almost every possible way he or she can think of… So we decided to help users by building an application that will allow one to record one's self and send the voice message to one's friends.
Once the user does that, the recipient will receive a notice (using all the usual FaceBook notices: News Feeds and Notifications) and if he or she will add the application to his or her profile, he or she will be able to hear his or her friend's message, and send some messages of his or her own.


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Inside the application

moc.liamg|egassem.eciov.koobecaf#su tcatnoC

Group Members

  • Dan Barak
  • Erez Rot
  • Neomi Poyas
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