WordSample Search Engine


The WordSample Search Engine is a tailor made Search Engine useful for searching samples for specific usage of an English word. By searching a specific word, the WordSamפle Search Engine returns sample results of the word, by searching typical websites or custom website given by the user.

General Features

Currently the project demonstrates search capabilities within Wikipedia, Gutenberg and Dictionary.com. To further improve the search results, a user specific link has been added and can be used. Optimally, many search sites should be included in this.
The WordSample Search Engine uses jQuery and AJAX for nice look and feel, while the main engine uses simple HTML, CSS and Regular Expression coding.

Known Issues

  • Some search queries are not parsed properly.
  • The snippets feature currently works on IE only, under several conditions.

Group Members

  • Asaf Louzon

Source Code

  • All Source Code for this project is located in an archive here
  • Complete Documentation in a DOCX format is located here.


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