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Saphe source code

The plugin code is based on examples supplied by the Gecko API documentation page.
Any other open-source code used in this project is credited to its respective owner.

In order to compile this code, download Gecko SDK and follow these instructions.

Note that the current code is designed for Windows only.

See the implementation section for more details.

Saphe binary (plugin)

This is a compiled (DLL) version of the Firefox plugin.

Currently only a Windows version is avaiable (tested on Windows XP Professional SP2 running Firefox 1.5):

Installation guide

Simply copy the DLL to your Firefox plugin directory, which is usually located here:
C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins\

Do NOT change the name of the plugin. It must begin with a 'np' prefix.

To verify that the plugin is installed, open Firefox and enter about:plugins in the address bar.
Look for the "Saphe login plugin" section.


Connect to the demo Saphe server

There is a constantly-up server running on my (Uri's) PC which can be used to test the plugin:

The currently valid user name is "user" with the surprising password "pass".

Note to hackers: this is a very simple python-based server which does nothing except serving HTML pages (from the current directory; no backwards directory traversals!) and forging responses to POST requests. There is nothing to hack here…
Note to all users: The current certificate is not valid. I know that. Certificates signed by a root server usually cost money. Just click OK when you are prompted by Firefox.
Note to programmers: Use python. It's awesome.

If you want to see the anti-Phishing capabilities in action, you can connect to the following server:

The Saphe plugin will detect the Phishing attempt… go ahead, try it!

New version

This is the source code & binaries for the new plugin version.

Installation: in addition to copying the npSapheLogin.dll to the plugins directory, copy the 'saphe' directory to the main Firefox directory (usually c:\program files\Mozilla firefox\).

The saphe dialog is based on CDialogSK written by Abhinaba Basu.
Future versions may user SkinStyle instead, for easier non-MFC integration.

new version

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