Hour Table

Hour Table Gadget

The hour Table gadget is the graphic display of the courses searched, selected and saved in the "yedion" gadget.
The 2 gadgets comunicate trough the PubSub infarstructure given by Igoogle(beta ver).

"Hour Table" gadget features:

this is what we acomplished by order of work:

  1. the hour table knows how to deal with lectures and recriation, and display them in different colors.
  2. it display courses groups in 3 statuses:
    • Not selected: the user added the course but did not choose this group.
    • Selected: the user added the course and chose this group as his group.
    • Saved: the user saved this groups as it's selected group(in this case all other groups are deleted).
  3. the "Hour Table" gadget knows to deal with adding and removing information, by users command from the "yedion" gadget.this is done with the pub sub infrastructure.
  4. it also deals with two courses that overlaps eachother. that hour will be displayed in red.
  5. it stores the information, so when the user re-enter it shows him all the data that was saved.
  6. it shows information about every group in a tool tip. it fetches this information by PHP that comunicates with the university server. he knows to store the information and re-use it next time the tooltip is needed. this is done by a MAP Data structure.
  7. when the print function is pressed the printed version of the web page contains all the information about the saved courses in the gadget.
  8. gather and display statistics about number of lecture hours, free hours, and free days.
  9. display a legend of the colors and explantion of what each color represent.
more developing information you can find here:

Hour Table development information

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