Known Problems

Known Problems So Far…

  • Working with pub sub- It seems that the pub sub technology is not very stable at this point. The use of pub sub causes problems in the operation of the Tau-Tab:
    1. When working through explorer the use of pub sub causes a problem that at around 70%-80% of the time the "webPages" or the "hourTable" (the two gadgets that are listening to the pub sub transmission) are not loaded properly (in fact after the first loading of the gadgets it sometimes take almost 20 "refreshes" for the Tau-Tab to reload properly. This fact makes it very hard to work with explorer.
    2. Another problem when working with pub sub is that sometimes during working with the pub sub it stopes working and transmiting and then it seems that the gadgets are not functioning properly and you have no idea what is the reson for it. This problem is resolved only after refresh
  • We found a lot of differences between IE and Firefox. some changes are located in google, and some in the browsers. for example, the way a size of a div is calculated is different between the two browsers(one include the border and the other don't). This caused us a lot of adjustments some not trivial to understand and implement.
  • We designed our gadgets so they will save all of the relevant information of a user, so the user will be able to see his courses information in the future when he will re enter our tab. In order to save the user's information, we used igoogle's user prefs. The information on their web site suggested that the user prefs can save up to 2K per user. this is because Google uses the GET method to retrieve the information. During our work we found out that in fact the data we are able to save per user is actually much smaller (around 360 characters), because each Hebrew character is 6 bytes. this made us do a major change and now we don't save almost no information in Hebrew. this still hold a limit for us for around 8 courses.
  • We wanted to insert the courses test dates to the Google calender gadget. It turns up that the calender gadget is actually placed on the Google servers and is written in c, so it seems we can't dynamically and without any user interference insert the data to the calender.
  • We wanted to allow the user to remove & select course also via the hour table as well as via the "yedion", but pub sub only supports one listener and on transmitter.That is why we are unable to have both of the gadgets transmitting to one another.

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