Web Pages Gadget

"WebPages" Gadget

This gadget disaply usefull sites for the user. It opens a new tab with Iframe for every web page and dispaly it in it.
It has links to usefull sites which can not be displayed properly in the Iframe.
It also have the option to add sites dinamiclly for the user choice.

"Web Pages" gadget features:

this is what we acomplished by order of work:

  1. The web Pages gadget contains 3 tabs by default. The user can add new tabs to the gadget throw the "yedion" -when one of the courses has a web site an option is given to the user to add its site by pressing on a button in the yedion. Another option is to insert a new tab by adding a name and a web site address at the gadget.
  2. A tab is renoved when a course is removed from the "yedion" or if the user removed the tab by himself in the gadget.
  3. All of the tabs added will reappear when the user will re enter the tau- tab in the future.
  4. Every name of a tab is a link to the address of that web site and by double mouse clicking over it the web site will be opened.
more developing information you can find here:

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