The "Yedion" Gadget

The "yedion" gadget is the user interface to the "run" the mechanism. It gets a course number from the users and bring back all the information about this course.It uses a php backbone in order to accomplsh this. It display the information to the user and gives an interface to change his selection.
It also transmit via pub sub the information to the other gadgets.

"Yedion" gadget features:

this is what we acomplished by order of work:

  1. The yedion Enable the user to enter a course number, then with a backBone PHP file goes to the university server and gets information.
  2. parse the information and siplay a select bar for the user to choose the group he wants. he sends via PubSub the information to the hour table gadget.
  3. he Enables to user to save the selected groups. when the user save his chosen groups are sent to the hour table, which showzs only them.
  4. on re enter the gadget gives the user the information back, with unsaved courses have again all options.
  5. add an option to remove a saved course from the list. sends the removal message to other gadgets.
  6. For courses that have a webSite in the yedion he adds a button to add the webPage to the webPages gadget.

Experiment with the Gadget:

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