The developing process and some technical details

The general process

Stage 1:
- Build a single gadget with all the basic functions.
- Use a *.csv file database (Excel comma separated file) - not connected to the website yet.

Stage 2:
- Implementation of HTML parsing and connectivity to *.csv files.

Stage 3:
- Separate to one main gadget and several secondary ones using the pubsub framework.
- Addition of a search engine to the main gadget.

Stage 4:
- Design improvement and addition of summaries to the secondary gadgets.

Example of the gadget at stage 1:
stage1.jpg stage1a.jpg

This stage was about getting familiar with the IGoogle API. First we wanted to create a basic version of the gadget with the main gadget’s functionalities, meaning a stand alone gadget that gets its data from a text file (written by us as a .csv file), display it, update from the area selection and includes links to the events and locations.

Source code

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