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We wish to thank you for choosing Event Gadget. We are certain that you will find that it overcomes its simplicity only by its efficiency.

After adding the main gadget to your personal page you can add up to seven more secondary gadgets.

Here are some details about the Gadgets:

Main Gadget

The "Main Gadget" one is devided into three parts:
1. 'Main' - the "control panel" for the secondary gadgets, also showing how many events are there in each of the events fields. To add a desired secondary gadget simply use the link of that event title.
2. 'Search' - the search part allows you to search for events by specifying the area, field and time of day wanted.
3. 'Add Gadgets' - the part where you can choose to add one or more of the secondary gadgets to your page.

Search engine:
At the main gadget choose the 'search' tab.
Choose area, field and time of day wanted.
Press the search button.





'Add Gadgets':


secondary Gadgets:

Each one detailing the events of a certain field at the area that was chosen on the main gadget.
The user can choose which types of events he's interested in knowing about, and keep only the gadgets presenting them.
By pressing the "X" button at any one of these gadgets windows you can choose not to view them - This way only the information that is relevant to you would be shown.

The default choice of area at the gadget is Tel Aviv. In order to change the area simply choose a different area out of the five options at the main gadget. Doing so will update all the secondary gadget to present information about events at the chosen area.

In any one of the secondary gadgets - pressing an event name or location would open, in a new window, the relevant page from the mouse.co.il website.
In addition, pressing on the "plus" icon on the right opens a short summary with a few details about the event or about the place it's being held at.

In case that there are no events of some type that are being held today, and that type is shown at your personal page, the next message will appear at the relevant gadget: "No events today".

Usually, each gadget will adjust it's own height automatically. If not, press F5 to refresh the page - that should do the job.

At any time, if you wish to add an "event type" gadget that is not shown on your page yet, simply press the proper link on the 'Add gadget' part of the main gadget.

'Secondary Gadgets':

second1.png second2.png

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